Mac touchpad gestures for windows 8

Most people understand that Windows 8 includes integrated support for mouse, keyboard, and touch screen interfaces. But few realize that.
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Master the universal Windows keyboard shortcuts, keyboard tricks for specific programs, and a few other tips to speed up your work. Windows 8 includes powerful command-line tools. So, why would anyone want to bother clicking the start However, Windows 8 also has a few particularly useful new shortcuts:. Are there any other Windows 8 shortcuts you find essential for Windows 8?

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Leave a comment and share your favorite shortcuts! Image Credit: Hand on laptop touchpad via Shutterstock.

Touch-Screen Gestures

Your email address will not be published. I am looking for a keyboard shortcut or how to assign a shortcut to a set of keys which will toggle the touchpad on and off. If I'm using a desktop app say Word and want to quickly "disable touchpad"a so I don't keep moving the cursor randomly, a simple shortcut would be oh so helpful.

And if I want to interrupt this Word editing and switch to some other app or program for which the touchpad would help, I should be able to toggle back to a "touchpad enabled" state. Really useful the article is, as it throws light on many hidden features of the OS that is still considered as the biggest flop of Microsoft by many people!!! Move the desktop tile to the top of the left hand column, then when you want to swap from the modern screen to the desktop all you need to do is hit the enter key. To use the recimg for multiple images can be a bit tricky as it is only built to use one, there is a program that has a regular GUI from slimimage.

Or an excellent article can be found below that has a step-by-step guide.

That's actually a very clever trick. It shouldn't be necessary with Windows 8. These shortcuts will make windows 8 more popular.

People switching from windows 7 to windows 8 gradually. Thank you so much Chris! Chris there is a little error in your post. And an observation: keyboards have a button to trigger the app bar.

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It acts as right-clicking so it opens the app bar. Top Deals. Email Facebook Whatsapp Pinterest Twitter. Enjoyed this article? Stay informed by joining our newsletter! Enter your Email. Read our privacy policy. Photo by Kai Hendry. Let's put this out there right away: This won't give you the Mac's pinch-to-zoom or rotation powers, but it will give you nearly everything else.

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Also, I tested this out on just one laptop, a ThinkPad T61p, and the more complex version of this trick relies on unofficial—some might even say hacked—drivers for Synaptics touchpads. Most every non-Mac laptop ships with a Synaptics touchpad, and various bloggers and forum users with different laptop builds have reported it working. You may experience some quirks or buggy behavior, and if you opt for the full driver replacement, you'll have to avoid upgrading that driver to keep everything in place. But the benefits for those who do a lot of browsing or document editing are pretty significant, and the likelihood of an absolutely crucial trackpad update is fairly slim.

If you only want simple two-finger scrolling in your web browser without having to mess with your touchpad drivers, follow this post through only the very simple first section. If you'd like to get configurable two-finger, three-finger, circular and gesture-based actions on your laptop, we'll dive into that in just a bit. Two-Finger-Scroll is a tiny little utility that doesn't require installation, configuration, or anything, really, other than a double-click to launch.

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  5. On most trackpads, running two-finger-scroll will simply make dragging two fingers up and down on your trackpad scroll a window with a vertical tracking bar up and down, as if you were moving the middle scroll wheel up and down. If that vertical two-finger scrolling is all you want, and you want it to stick around the next time you restart Windows, check your system tray. It might be hidden away, but there should be a TwoFingerScroll icon that you can right-click to turn on and off, and right-click to select "Settings.

    Check out the next tab, "Scrolling," where you can set up exactly how your two-finger scrolling should work.

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    In my own case, I kept the speed and acceleration defaults, disabled "Keep scrolling on edges," and switched to "Smooth" for the Scroll Mode. I haven't really broken them in and figured out what exactly I like, because, hey, two-finger scrolling in Windows is entirely new to me. Head to the next tab to the right, and you'll see that you can actually manage two and three-finger tapping from TwoFingerScroll. I haven't played with these features as much, but if your trackpad has a middle button function, or an equivalent "Button4" and "Button5," you can set a two, three, or "two plus one" two fingers together, one just outside tap to do what those buttons would normally do.

    How to enable touch-pad gestures on Windows 8 laptops

    I could see these functions being helpful for quick right-clicking or, perhaps, triggering an Escape key or the like, but I've generally left this section well enough alone. If you know of some clever uses for multi-finger taps, do tell in the comments! Sick of TwoFingerScroll, or not seeing it do much good?

    Disable it from the system tray and uninstall it the way you would any program. Want to get a bit more in control of your scrolling, and add features like circular scrolls and three-finger swipes and gestures? You'll need to install a modified version of the Synaptics drivers your laptop likely uses.

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    5. Windows 8 Tip: Use Trackpad Multi-touch Gestures!
    6. You might have to restart after your uninstall, and it might be the first of a few restarts. To get multi-finger gestures on your trackpad, you're going to install a set of trackpad drivers that were intended for a certain netbook in a foreign locale, but which have been modified for more general use. If that free file hosting service doesn't work for you, or you want to try and avoid the annoying second download delay, run a Google search for that package , and be sure to scan the download ZIP file for viruses before you install it. Extract the files from the ZIP package you downloaded, double-click the Setup file to start the installation process, and if you're asked to verify that you want to install an "untrusted" or unverified driver, go ahead and do so.